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Cool Pad

Pillow and Mattress Toppers

Cool Pad Pillow TopperThe Cool Pad pillow and mattress topper has been specifically designed to keep you cool at night, helping to relieve discomfort from overheating.

Using cool gel technology, the Cool Pad helps dissipate heat from affected areas of the body. It has been strongly recommended by international medical professionals to help with medical conditions such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, night sweats and migraine.

Although no activation is required, the Cool Pad can be refrigerated for up to 2 hours for additional cooling power.

The Cool Pad is reusable, soft and comfortable and easy to clean with a damp cloth. It is suitable for all ages above the age of 5, safe and allergy free.

Who can use the Cool Pad and what are the benefits?

In short any one can use the Cool Pad above the age of 5yrs. (See is the cool pad safe to use with Children) The cool Pad helps to relieve the symptoms of overheating that all of us will at some point have. This includes temperatures caused by Flu and Fevers, but also hot flushes as a result of menopause, or the after effects of Chemo and Radio Therapy. The Cooling effect of the Cool Pads can also help relieve the symptoms of people with, restless leg syndrome, acne, eczema, migraine, sunburn, post operative scaring, etc as well as for those who are simply just to warm naturally! Please note that the Cool Pads do not cure any illness and are designed to help relieve the symptoms of overheating only. Always consult your doctor for advice or if your symptoms persist.

Do the Cool Pads require activation?

No, you can use the Gel Pad straight from the box. There is no activation required, no water to add, no need to cool it in the fridge. The pads just work from the moment you take it out of the box. For those who want extra coolness then you can fold the pad and place in the fridge (Not freezer) for up to 2hrs before use. This is not normally required for most people.

What is the difference between the Cool Gel Pillow Topper and the Chillow®?

The Cool Pad pillow topper is a similar size to the Chillow® but thinner at just 5mm thick. The Cool Pad has a special soft gelatine core that is covered in a fine UPVC material. The gelatine is water based and non toxic but as it is solid there is no risk of leaks or spills. Because the Cool Pad already comes with gel inserted core there is no activation required. The Chillow® requires water to be added to a foam core that fully absorbs the water to create a soft malleable cushion approx 2cm thick. The cooling capacity is similar to the gel pad. Some people prefer the slightly softer texture of the Chillow, while others prefer the versatility and easy to use approach offered by the Cool Pad.

How does the Cool Pad work?

The Cool Pad has a gelatine water based core that absorbs body heat and dissipates it back out into the air through natural evaporation from the areas of the Cool Pad that are not in use. The pad will warm up over time as the evaporation of heat is slower than the absorption; however most people will be asleep or cooled down well before this happens. To re-energise the Cool Pad simply expose to the air (Not sunlight) and it will cool down to the ambient temperature of the room that is always cooler than you are!

Can the Cool Gel Pad be purchased anywhere else?

No…the Cool Pad is made exclusively for the Personal Cooling Centre Ltd and is not available in the shops or else where on the internet.

How does the Cool Pad arrive?

The Cool Pad comes folded in a branded box, complete with detailed instructions. The Pillow Topper is sent by next day courier service because it is too heavy to be sent by post. Please be aware that some one will need to be at the delivery address to sign for its arrival. The Pillow Topper is sent by second class post and should arrive in two working days (Please allow up to 5 days before calling us) unless next day delivery has been selected as an option when ordering.

What do I need to do when the Cool Pad arrives?

Other than take it out of the box…Nothing!! The Cool Pad arrives ready to use.

Can I make the Cool Pad even cooler?

Yes…Most people will find the Cool Pad cool enough as it is. Be aware that the Cool pad is Cool NOT cold as cold is uncomfortable and can be dangerous. However for those wanting additional cooling capacity you can fold the cooling pad and place it into the fridge (NOT freezer) for up to 2 hours before use.

How long does the Cool Pad last?

The Cool Pad should last you for years provided it is looked after and kept clean, gently wash every now and then by hand with warm soapy water. Please ensure you read the instructions and storage recommendations carefully. Please keep out of direct sunlight and away from animals and pets.

How long does the Cool Pad stay cool?

The Cool Pad should stay cool long enough for you to get to sleep. However individual’s body heat varies considerably so there is no hard and fast rule on how long the cool pad will remain cool. On average however we would expect the Cool Pad to stay cool to the touch for up to two hours.

Is the Cool Pad safe to use with Children?

Yes and No! The Cool Pad uses non toxic materials so there is no direct danger from the materials used in the making of the Cool Pad. However, in certain circumstances, the Cool Pad (Especially the Pillow Topper) could be pulled by a child or a baby over its face and not be able to pull it back off and therefore create a very small risk of suffocation. For this reason we do not recommend that the Cool Pad is used by children under 5 yrs. The Mattress Topper could be used by children less than 5 yrs provided it is placed below a fitted mattress cover.

How do I clean the Cool Pad?

The Cool Pad is easily and simply cleaned by using warm soapy water or warm water with a mild, heavily diluted, antiseptic and then dried with a soft dry cloth. DO NOT machine wash or boil. Do NOT place in a tumble dryer.

What is the Size of the Pillow and Mattress Toppers?

The Pillow topper is: 54cm x 34cm

The Mattress topper is: 140cm x 95cm

Do I need two Mattress Toppers for a double bed (two people?)

The Mattress Topper is designed for use by a single person in either a single or double bed. However the topper can be rotated from being placed lengthways to a horizontal position allowing two people to use it, but only then providing half the cooling capacity as only half the area will be available to each individual. The Mattress Topper is really designed for single person use often dealing with the problem of one person being too warm in bed while the other is just right or too cold!

Does the Pillow Topper go in or on top of my pillow?

The answer to this question is both. Some people sleep directly onto the Pillow Topper while others slip it on top, but inside, the pillow case. NB: If inside the cooling effect is slightly reduced.

How is the Mattress Topper positioned?

The Mattress Topper can either be positioned on top of your Mattress Cover or underneath. We normally recommend that the Mattress Topper is placed under your mattress sheet /cover to help it stay clean; however this does slightly reduce its cooling effect and so some occasional users sleep directly on the topper without a sheet covering .

How heavy are the Cool Pads?

The Pillow Topper weights 1.080KG (Unpackaged)

The Mattress Topper weights 6.250KG (Unpackaged)

I lost my instructions, can I get another copy?

Yes, just click on the following links and download a copy. You will need the Adobe Reader. If you don't have it you can download it now by clicking the icon below.

Click to download the Cool Pad instructions.

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Cool Pad Pillow Topper

Cool Pad Pillow Topper - Save £8.00

The Cool Pad pillow topper has been specifically designed to keep you cool at night, helping to relieve discomfort from overheating by using cool gel technology.

Dimensions: 52cm x 34cm

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Cool Pad Pillow Topper Twin Pack

A great value twin pack of the Cool Pad Pillow Topper

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HOME & AWAY GIFT SET! - Original Chillow Plus & Cool Pad Pillow Topper (Save £6.50)

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£48.00 incl VAT

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